And one more thing

Why the hell does MSI support the the standard 4 number W.X.Y.Z versioning scheme, and then ignore the last number in the version.  It apparently does it’s own thing for the last digit and that works fine for files, but it ignores the last number in package versions.  Packages don’t have anything to fill in for that last digit.  I use a version scheme and I have to install new revisions of software with the version number the same except the build number.  It’s getting all confused because it can’t tell the difference between version and of the package.

Luckily I hardly ever reset the build number so I can swap the build and revision numbers and still get a unique version even if the last number is ignored.  So that’s what I’m gona do.  The build number is only incremented about twice a day, so at that rate I have to reset the build number once every 89 or so years.  I think that’ll do.